Writing an article: “Celebrity culture ‘harms pupils'”

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“Celebrity culture ‘harms pupils'” or “Fandom gone horribly wrong”

Just yet another tragic case of a young girl’s suicide catched our compilation’s attention because of the horrible circumstances.
The just interviewed grieving mother of little 15-year-old Christine, who decided to leave our world at such a young age, told us her daughter suffered heavily from depression and bipolarity. This was certified by Dr. Smith, a well distinguished therapist who was consulted when Christine’s parents Mary-Sue and Harold Collins found no other solution. According to Mary-Sue Collins, her daughter has always been a happy child until puberty when she cultivated an obsession for celebrities and their lifestyles. Christine became a die-hard fan of young actresses and starlets like Lindsay Lohan or Keira Knightley and tried everything just to be like her questionable rolemodels. Christine Collins got an eating disorder and isolated herself from all her friends to live in her own ‘happy’ world of celebrity culture. Her parents, as desperate as they were, even allowed Christine to see her idol Lindsay Lohan at a movie premiere. There, poor Christine was ignored by the busy, high-on-any-drug starlet and fell into a deep depression. She didn’t eat for a whole week and launched herself at gossip magazines. There, she found a quote saying “Live fast, die young and be a gorgeous corpse”. Sadly, it made sense to the teenaged girl and she decided to commit suicide. Her loving mother Mary-Sue found the cold body of her daughter in the bathtub and a letter next to Christine: “I just wanted to be famous. Maybe this will do it. xoxo Chrissy”
Loss for any further words, our newspaper decided to put up a special forum discussing how strong our youth may be influenced by celebrity culture and their questionable heroes.

The Media: Cinema

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Hey there, fellow reader!
Since our first assignment was to research a given topic and I am finally able to use the internet and therefore my blog, I’m going to typewrite my notes. (I have to add that laziness really is a deadly sin 😛 )


– the early beginnings of the cinema are rooted in the late nineties of the 19th century
– it became popular at the beginning of the 20th century- first, people were even scared of the things that seemed to be moving towards them off of the huge screen- the operative point of this medium mostly is entertaining people
– during the Second World War for example, the cinema was used for political causes, mainly for proganda
– nowadays the cinema is still used as a political tool in some countries, for example China or North Korea
– to make sure movies are watched by the right audience, they are rated considering categories like visual sexual acts or violence
– Bollywood is the busiest region in producing movies

I commit that I didn’t use a source while doing my homework on Sunday, caused by the lack of proper working internet so I “just knew” what I wrote down.

Hello world!

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